Mike Kicklighter Hobbies

Mike Kicklighter enjoys plenty of hobbies in his spare time. Spending quality time with his family is the most enjoyable thing, followed by Bible Study. Kicklighter has been involved at Grace Church in Snellville, GA for many years. Though being involved with the church, it has helped him grow to a more involved individual with his wife and family, as well as being an active member in the community. Kicklighter cherishes his time at church, and maintains his positive mentality through his work.

While church is a big part of Kicklighter’s life, it is only a portion of what he devotes his time toward. He is also the owner of Mike Kicklighter, MEK & Associates, which he founded in 1993. MEK & Associates is the leading troubleshooter for pulmonary function testing equipment. By partnering with SpiroTech, it has developed into a successful company.

Kicklighter also believes in maintaining a healthy body, which makes sense given his profession. Being able to breathe properly, as well as keeping a constant flow of oxygen to the muscles is very important. To keep this cycle constant, Michael Kicklighter exercises on a regular basis. Developing the human body, mind, and spirit is something that Mr. Kicklighter believes is necessary to maintain stability.

Bible Study:

Michael Kicklighter is heavily involved in Bible Study at Grace Church in Snellville, GA.

  • Day: Monday
  • Time: 7PM
  • Location: NorthForke Plantation Subdivision Clubhouse
  • Address: 1555 Natchez Way, Grayson, GA 30017
  • Contact: Mike Kicklighter – (770)329-4462

Men of Grace

The Bible Study Group, Men of Grace, has numerous events occurring throughout the year. A list of schedules events are as follows:

Men of Grace Golf Tournament (benefitting Student Camp scholarships): June 22, 2015 Get together with other golfers from Grace (of all skill levels). Click here for details.

Men of Grace Car Show (benefitting KidzLife): October 24, 2015 Contact Rus Mazza at [email protected] to get involved.

Turkey Bowl (benefitting local missions): November (date TBA) Bowling with the fellas for a good cause!

Mike Kicklighter will be attending these events, and encourages you to do the same!





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