Mike Kicklighter MEK & Associates

History of MEK & Associates: In June of 1993, Mike Kicklighter started the company MEK & Associates. Prior to starting his own business, Kicklighter was one of the original employees for a company called SpiroTech. Kicklighter helped build SpiroTech from the ground up, and after 14 years of devotion, they are now one of the leaders in the pulmonary function testing industry. Kicklighter’s mission for MEK & Associates is to provide people with the most accurate, affordable pulmonary function testing equipment, while providing top notch customer service to each and every SpiroTech customer. After 5 years, Kicklighter proposed to become the sole distributor and exclusive provider for all SpiroTech products, services, and support. This deal was made in 1998 with Thermo Medical, Inc., which were the owners of SpiroTech during this period.Though the name SpiroTech has migrated to numerous companies, MEK & Associates will always maintain all the rights to the name, as well as the services, equipment, and proprietary software. Mike Kicklighter has taken numerous steps to ensure the success of MEK & Associates, and continues to deliver the promises he set forth while working with SpiroTech.