Mike Kicklighter Work History

MEK & Associates is the exclusive, nationwide provider of SpiroTech Pulmonary equipment sales, service and support. Mike Kicklighter, the owner of the company, oversees every aspect of troubleshooting the pulmonary function testing equipment. Since opening the company in 1993, Kicklighter has been heavily involved in keeping a dynamic face for the business. The medical field is constantly changing its technology, and seeing as we are in the technology age, that rate of change is going to increase.

Kicklighter has ensured his dynamic strategy by partnering with SpiroTech, and through utilizing sound business practices, he has kept his company afloat for more than 20 years. Mr. Kicklighter utilizes his electrical engineering degree from Southern Polytech every day via testing the use of pulmonary function testing equipment. Kicklighter’s business has seen its ups and downs, but through his devotion to his religion and family, Mike Kicklighter has cultivated a business that will remain successful simply from his integrity alone.

Though integrity is necessary, it won’t get you far in the business world. So how does Kicklighter ensure the success of MEK & Associates? User-Friendly equipment. This has been a focus for Mike Kicklighter since the company was founded. He determined that the company would need to have user friendly equipment for customers and clients to be able to effectively use these tests. By doing so, it has provided a willingness on the part of the consumer to purchase his service because they have minimal issues with setup.





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